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Explainer / Industrial - FRENCH
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Warm Voice / Industrial - FRENCH
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Young Girl - ENGLISH
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The Late Marilyn (Film) - ENGLISH
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VO Representation:

CESD Talent Agency

10635 Santa Monica Blvd. #130

Los Angeles, California 90025

+1 310 475 2111

Morongo Casinos Commercial - ENGLISH
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Bilingual French

Voice: Approachable, Friendly, Warm, Funny, Cheerful, Breathy, Reassuring, Bubbly, Child-Like, Clear

Characters: Child (Boy and girl), Teenager (female), Young Adult (Female), Adult (Female), Cute Monster

Skills: French Accent, Foreign Accent, European, Singing

US Green Card.

Experience: Animation, Film , Commercials, Shows, Industrials.


Records from her home studio or on location in Los Angeles.


Sarah has recently been dubbing/singing for the PINKFONG & BABY SHARK! OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL (French)

She just finished working on the movie 'THE LATE MARILYN' directed by Natacha Thomas, in which she shares her voice with the lead role (in English).

She's previously worked on several commercials on radio & TV (NORTON, MORONGO CASINOS, AMAZON), and shows (voice characters). She also played Anna in the live Disney's Frozen musical show in Paris (in both French and English)

Trained in dubbing/singing, she has the ability to adapt her voice, which gives her flexibility in the types of characters she can portray.


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